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Occasional Quilting

So it took me 1.5 years to fully complete this quilt because it turned out that I am not that thrilled about it and just wanted to try out a jelly roll quilt. I needed to reclaim the chair it lived on. I could totally store it, or finish it. So there’s that… It did get completed, but there was a lot of lazy sewing at the end.

I don’t have proper binding and that is ok because this is just my couch blanket for the winter or mailing to my sister. I used the backing as the binding and folded it over on itself in a backwards sort of fashion as I wanted the black border. I wasn’t bothered enough for the nice corners that I’ve put into my other quilts and I am completely ok with that…it looks fine anyways.

Now I can plan the one I really want to make.. I am thinking black, charcoal, and burgundy.

Jelly Roll Quilt Top

This is an incredibly easy and fast quilt to make. The fabrics are pre-selected, and pre cut you just have to be able to sew and cut roughly in a straight line. You need a 40 pack or two 20 packs. I have used two matching 20 packs. There are tons of good instructional video’s on YouTube, I watched many of them.

They have good sales on fabric around holidays, I suggest looking for jelly rolls with coupons in hand, they can be pricey otherwise. I happened to take advantage on Mothers Day Coupons for this fabric. It’s hard to see in pictures but there is a sparkle to this fabric.

My First Quilt

I started quilting about 2 years ago and I manage one or two a year. This was my first quilt. I used old jeans and scrap fabric from the thrift store to get used to sewing. I used a piece of paper and a ruler to make the square size and I cut all the pieces using the paper, don’t be afraid to cut through the pants seam and not waste that fabric. You can even sew entire pockets into this blanket for fun, though I did not do this. I added some fabric scraps that I found at a thrift store for some color variation and a thrift store sheet was used for the backing. I did not get the binding right on the underside, but I learned how to do binding right for the next time. I also used black thread and the backing was a white floral pattern so my thread stood out like a sore thumb. Aside from that it is still a functional blanket and I learned how to make basic quilts with confidence.