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Houseplant Lighting

It’s nice when the sun doesn’t set in the summer until about 10 PM however in the winter all my plants die in the darkness but not anymore. I use low cost daylight bulbs with clamp lights and I replace some of my regular lighting fixtures with them as well. There are higher intensity lights than what I am showing here but I do not have the box any longer to compare what it is I have. Look for the ones that say ‘daylight’, nearly everything I looked at in stock at Lowe’s or other home renovation stores would have worked for what I need so I went with cost efficiency. You want at least 1600 lumens and something that falls on the light spectrum at 5000K or higher.

When doing research I find most people were using shop lights and I have had no issue with them. The light fixtures can be clipped onto things or hung as a pendant, the hood is designed to house and focus a high intensity light for long hours so it works perfect as a plant light you can place it anywhere easily and safely though some types of bulbs will give off more light than others. There are two main types of hoods for these lights, a narrow and a wider focus of the light. As long as they aren’t to close or too far away they should live happily under the artificial lights. You can buy a light meter if you are not certain about distance and placement. Lighting timers cost only a few dollars so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the lights on and off.

In addition to this lighting I also group my smaller plants around my aerogardens.

Indoor Houseplants

I get weak morning sun on most days in the summer until the early afternoon. I have a lot of low light tropical plants on this side of the building and succulents on the other, I use my aerogarden lighting for some of my plants in darker areas. I was re-potting some of them the other day, and decided to make a postĀ  while I was doing that so I can come back and do a comparison on growth later. I have been increasing my houseplants, a lot of these are new. Some of them I have had for years. I have started using hydro spikes for a lot of my plants for more consistent watering. I’ve gotten most of them into larger potsĀ  and hydro spiked over the past week.


Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’

Dracena Compacta

Nenanth bella palm

Dracaena deremensis Warnecki



Vanilla Orchid

Calathia Lancifolia

Coffee Arabica


Dracena Marginata

Asparagus Fern

Maidenhair fern

Jade Plant

Coral Reef Sedum

Old Mans Bones Sedum


I also have some propagation going on with my succulents, when moving my aloe I knocked a leaf off so I have cut and am letting that dry for replanting. When I transplanted my asparagus fern I found baby maidenhair ferns starting to grow in the dirt, they were mangled a bit as I didn’t notice them at first so I hope they make it. My Coral Reef Sedum is putting out roots on all of it’s ends, my sansiveria has a pup so it looks like my work is not done yet.