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I almost always have basil growing in my aerogarden, this time around I have three of them growing at once so I’ve been making a lot of pesto.



In a blender Add:

40-50 basil leaves

2 tablespoons of pine nuts( or walnuts)

2-3 cloves of garlic (depending on size)

2 tablespoons grated cheese( parmesan or something similar I prefer aged gouda)

a pinch of sea salt

~1/2 cup olive oil (add until it blends smoothly)

Blend well


I use my pest mostly on sliced Baguette with cheese, pesto mayo on sandwiches and Pesto Pasta is incredibly easy to make.

Substituting walnuts for pine nuts doesn’t change the flavor much at all, I could hardly tell the difference.








I have two Genovese Basil plants growing in my Aerogarden and they are starting to take over so I made some Basil hummus.




I kinda just threw things in the blender and it turned out yummy.

I also made an attempt at pita bread.



It was good but it will be better next time 🙂


Then three days later my basil had grown back up into the lights and nothing else was getting any light.



So I made Pasta sauce! I have some Oregano growing in the aerogarden as well.. and some chives if the poor things could get some light..



Used the same throw it in the pan and it turned out yummy method.

I’m still eating the leftovers.


It seems that the more I chop my basil the more it insists on growing, I cut it back heavily this time, maybe I’ll have a few days to make some recipes with my other herbs. I have a savory chicken waiting to be roasted.