Hand Written Journals

For all of my hobbies and projects I keep notes in matching Journals. I started this habit when I was about 15 so I have been writing journals for over 20 years. I have kept most of them, these are my crafting journals from the past five years. I leave blank pages at the beginning or end to write an index when I am done. I often reuse the recipes over and over as the years go by. It takes me about a year and half to completely fill one.

Winter Indoor Houseplant Update

Propagation of Marble Queen Pothos and Mona Lavender because they are growing so much.

Plant fails:

Both of my cannabis plants did not make it, but they are weeds and grow like them. Complete drama queens that don’t make good houseplants, I didn’t try much before I gave up on them honestly.

Calathia Lancifolia, I don’t know.. I gave it distilled water, I have a humidifyer, I gave it more light, I gave it less light. It just hates the weather.

Jade Plant…. The great watering accident of 2019.

Plant Success:

Asparagus Fern!

This thing is getting no natural light and just light from the grow light and it has put out a dozen new fronds, each bigger than the last.

Silver Squill Plant is growing in all directions at once.

My Steinbeck Succulents have grown a good amount of roots., they are currently healthy and getting established in the dirt.

Winter Jungle:

Fall Favorites cooking

This season I pulled from a lot of my past favorites.

Lemon Coconut Cream Pie

Cranberry Lemon Bread

Candied Mixed Nuts

Blend these up in a food processor and you have an amazing cupcake or coffee cake streusel topping or layered in between fruit, custard and whipped cream or, as the crust for a cheesecake, or in cookie dough… the possibilities are endless.

Chicken & Mushroom Ramen

Fall is the time for soup, but my favorites soup is ramen!

Baked Maple Delicata Squash

Curried Carnival Squash Soup

Ghost Town

When I was on vacation in October I detoured to the town where I lived 35 years ago. I went to scatter the ashes of a former resident. The town has been reclaimed by nature. Somehow, I thought ghost towns lasted longer than their final residents.

In 1854 cinnabar containing Mercury was discovered and the mining town of New Idria sprang up on the side of San Benito Mountain, The town was built on the baked tailings from the mine. It produced Mercury with the first Gould Rotary Furnace and operated until 1972. Everyone left in the years that followed the closure of the mine. After it became abandoned my family was hired as it’s caretaker, and I grew up in a ghost town.

Originally the town had over 100 building with a school and a post office but a few years ago a fire destroyed most of the town and none of the remaining buildings have been preserved or maintained in any way for several decades. There wasn’t much for me to take pictures of with the buildings burned and the plants growing up. The wind and rain has caused a lot of the steel to fall in on itself. Time recycles all thing.

As contrast, these are photos I took over 20 years earlier.