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Project List

My hobbies have grown so my project list needs categories now, here’s what I’ve got in the works, who knows what I will get to, I should have some free time in a few weeks.


Cold Process Soap Making

Idea: I made a lot of soap last year, I have  isolated my favorites and will be recreating some variation of them. All of my soap sold or was given away last year so I only have the newer two that I made in November that were curing at the time I ran out.

  1. Charcoal soap split (Lavender/Rosemary Soap, Cedar/Bergamot)
  2. Breton Sea Salt Bar
  3. Coconut Milk split scent ( hawaiian jasmine, sandalwood)
  4. Beer Soap (new soap type)

Other Soap

  1. Shaving Cream (will run out soon)
  2. Laundry and Dish Soap ( will run out soon)

Lip Balm

This is meant to be as a set for holiday presents but it didn’t happen. I will be infusing the black tea into the oils.

  1. Black Tea & Lavender
  2. Black Tea & Peppermint
  3. Black Tea & Bergamot


I might make these with Black Tea Infused Oil as well.

  1. Apple/Sage Conditioner
  2. Apple/Sage Lotion


I’m an extreme beginner, I still cant sew a straight line or understand some terms and instructions. The seam ripper is my best friend and I keep stabbing myself with pins and burning myself on the iron… but I have determination.

  1. Skirt
  2. Purse
  3. Backpack
  4. Jean Quilt
  5. Tri-Fold Wallet

Paper Projects

  1. Handmade Paper with Botanical Imbeds
  2. Hardcover hand made blank journal


  1. El Pollo Loco Chicken ( pineapple and lime glaze)
  2. Teriyaki Tofu ( I can’t get it right!! Eventually…)
  3. Corn Tortillas


Project ideas and planning.

It can be agonizing waiting for a package to come in.

So the soaps went fast, I have a few left and I had to order more supplies. Now that I have got the idea of what kind of soaps people are interested in I can focus on making the most popular ones in a larger 4-5ounce sizes.. and requests and such.

I’m also going to make a variety of lotions, I ordered in some 8oz bottles with disk caps. I am now trying to decide what types of lotion to make. I want to have a few fall themed ones in there, I will be making more Coffee Lotion because people really like it, then I will need to start a new batch of Coffee to infuse and I need to decide what kind of coffee I want to get. Also Mango Lotion. I am pretty certain on a Vanilla Rum Lotion. I think I want some sort of a spiced cranberry lotion with oat also and though I haven’t decided other ideas on the table are Valencia Orange and a very lightly scented Geranium Rose blend.

I plan on ordering Peppermint Essential Oil and Cocoa Butter in a couple of weeks as well as 4oz bottles. Then it will be time for lip balms. I have tried a few fragrance oils, some of them are samplers or requests but I prefer to work with essential oils over all.

Also when my package arrives I will have everything I need to make solid deodorant.

My Deep Steep Grapefruit Bergamot body spray is almost empty so I am going to refill the container with my own grapefruit bergamot body spray. I have a Mango Pikake flower body spray but it is too strong, lesson learned, I need to tone it down and I’ve been too distracted by the coffee lotion(I love it) to use many of my other products.

Also I will be making a spicy bay rum scented beard oil for drew.