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Wire Wrapping and Wire Weaving

I’ve always collected rocks. I grew up arould gemstome miners and jewelry makers so I decided to see of I could make something out of some of my stones. and craft wire. It’s a silly hobby maybe, because I don’t actually wear jewelry.

Starting off I was able to make some pretty good first attempts. I was using the wrong kind of pliers and the wrong kind of wire but it still turned out alright.

Week 1

I picked up on it pretty quick and ordered some of the correct tools and wire. While I wait for that stuff. I made basic stuff for practice out of what I could find. It seems like I can make something out if this as a hobby if I keep at it.

Week 2

I still didn’t have a pair of round pliers and I was running out of all the beads I had.

Week 3

I got some cheap beads and a few nicely priced grade B gemstone beads. I also have some odd sized and shaped wire I haven’t really worked with yet.