Oyster Mushrooms

I am starting with a store bought product but this is possible as a hobby for some people. It’s interesting to try out.

This is a kit from BackToTheRoots.com though there are other companies that offer these kits. This seems to be the best marketed product to be found by beginners.

This particular kit’s requires almost no effort to maintain beyond spritzing with water, it grows to the harvest stage in about 10 days and they are edible. I dried mine and used them in pasta sauce a few days later.

Occasional Quilting

So it took me 1.5 years to fully complete this quilt because it turned out that I am not that thrilled about it and just wanted to try out a jelly roll quilt. I needed to reclaim the chair it lived on. I could totally store it, or finish it. So there’s that… It did get completed, but there was a lot of lazy sewing at the end.

I don’t have proper binding and that is ok because this is just my couch blanket for the winter or mailing to my sister. I used the backing as the binding and folded it over on itself in a backwards sort of fashion as I wanted the black border. I wasn’t bothered enough for the nice corners that I’ve put into my other quilts and I am completely ok with that…it looks fine anyways.

Now I can plan the one I really want to make.. I am thinking black, charcoal, and burgundy.