Syndet Shampoo Bar Test (Ziziphus)

I was looking for a way to get a more solid bar of syndet shampoo and I decided to give this a try.

Ziziphus powder has been used as a hair wash/conditioner for over 1,000 years. It is a lot like henna without the dye. It was used to condition and strengthen hair as well as clean.

I decided that this was probably the best thing I have on hand to improve the solidity of my bars.

I also modified my second formulation from the original a bit more.

Be careful on how much Ziziphus powder is added, make sure it is a fine powder. You could use rice flour as a replacement.

My press arrived a day late but I took the sampler bar I had made and pressed it anyways, despite having already cooled and set it turned out ok, it had cracks but that’s to be expected.

Ziziphus Shampoo Bar Experiment



6% Stearic Acid

5% Cetyl Alcohol

10% BTMS-50

5% Cocoa Butter


13% CAPB

32% SCI

22% SLSa

2.5% Ziziphus Powder

Below 120 degrees

1% Panthenol

2% Honeyquat

1% Oat Protein

.5% Fragrance

.5% Liquid Germall

Notes: This bar is not over cleansing, it is hard and lasts a long time. It works well but it does not lather as well as my first bar and the ziziphus powder has a slightly rough texture. I’ve been using this for a bout a month and it has hardly worn down. my hair is happy aside from my mentioned issues. Perhaps in the place of ziziphus I will try half as much of something like rice flour, clay or activated charcoal next time and bring my CAPB up by 1.5%


3 thoughts on “Syndet Shampoo Bar Test (Ziziphus)”

  1. A clay!! What a great idea for “drying” up the shampoo bar! I love my shampoo bar that I make, which is similar to yours, but they don’t completely dry as much as I would like. Clay will be my answer❤️

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