Ginger Patchouli and Hawaiian Jasmine Soaps

I made a divider for my soap mold and split the batch into two different soaps. On one side  I was expecting trouble with the Pikake or Hawaiian Jasmine scent I picked and while it didn’t thicken as fast as I expected it did rice and have to be blended out. I picked a pearly white mica and tossed in some of my rose gold mica which discolors in cold process but I wanted to see what I would end up with, I was hoping for a very soft pink or at least some gold sparkle but it seems to have completely disappeared.


On the other side of the divider I used a ginger and patchouli scent. The bottom layer is grey with activated charcoal and I added black tea. Then I blended cocoa powder for brown, Moroccan red clay blended with brick red oxide for red and drop swirled those into a plain batter and layered it over the grey layer. The top is a solid pearly white.


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