Recent Soap Creations

(I’m out of batteries for my camera so I took these with my phone sorry for the potato quality.)

Vanilla Cinnamon with suspended Pink Himilayan Salt. I used vanilla stable soap for this one and dusted cinnamon in the mold and then poured the first layer carefully on top of it.



Lemon and Lavender. This smells wonderful, I am now out of Lavender E.O.(again).  I learned a little bit of shimmer goes a LONG way. I used Turmeric for the yellow, the gold shimmer made it very vibrant.



This one was more of a visual experiment with colorants and I will be giving these away to the ladies I have tea with, I scented them with winter gardenia. My favorite combination was putting gold flecks in charcoal, I will have to make something interesting with that combination later.





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