Burnt Sugar Pink Grapefruit Bath Bombs



Basic Bath Bomb Recipe

1 cup Baking Soda

1/2 cup Citric Acid

1/2 cup Salt

From there you can create everything from bath bombs to toilet cleaners depending on what you add to it.

For this recipe I added:

1/2 cup Arrowroot Powder

10 drops Jojoba Oil

10 drops Grapeseed oil

10 drops Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

10 drops Burnt Sugar fragrance

3 drops Vitamin E



After Mixing all oils and dry ingredients thoroughly you want to use a fine misting spray bottle with water to carefully spray the powder as you mix it. When you start to feel resistance as you mix and it begins to look like damp sand it should be ready. You want enough liquid to hold the mixture together but not to start a chemical reaction between the Citric Acid and the Baking Powder.  It just needs to barely be holding a shape for it to set properly. Use a spoon to add the powder to your mold, cupcake pans work well for this, mix in you colorant and anything you want embedded in layers then apply weight and compress the powder into a solid. For my colorant here I used 1/2 of a teaspoon of Beet Root Powder but you could also use a small amount of food coloring or clay.

If I am using a cupcake pan I place the palm of my hand over the top of the bathbomb and use all of my body weight to press down on each one, add more as it compresses until you have it level with the top of the pan.

Leave the bath bombs in their mold until they are completely dry. Moisture can cause slow chemical reaction and warp the shape of the bomb. I usually leave them in the mold over night and pop them out the next morning. Keep them in an air tight container until used.



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