Melt and Pour Adventure Results

I think my first venture into soap making went well. I started with seven pounds of melt and pour soap of various sorts and ended up with 31 bars of soap plus samples. At first I just wrote out a giant list of what I had on hand that could be added to soap. I narrowed down the list and made 3-6 soaps of those kinds, I found that paper disposable loaf pans in the baking aisle worked well for me as molds for my soap. After those ran out I had a handy Tupperware container that was just the right size for the individual soaps. I then I made individual soaps with the rest of my supplies, trying a large portion of the list of ideas I had made. Some of the ingredients like the Lavender and the Sage I grew/picked and dried myself. Overall I ended up with the following.



3 Rosemary Calendula soap with oatmeal

3 Cranberry Oatmeal


6 Cinnamon Coffee with Goat Milk and Honey


5 Orange Clove Black Tea Soap with Honey


5 Mango Soap with Honey and Shea



2 Lavender Rosemary Soap with Honey


1 Pikake Flower Soap with Goats Milk (center)


1 Sage Eucalyptus Hemp Soap


1 Cacao Oatmeal Soap with Aloe

Also I made:

1 Tea Tree Eucalyptus Hemp Soap

1 Grapefruit Bergamot Soap with Aloe

1 Pikake Flower Kaolin Clay Soap with Honey and Aloe

1 Cinnamon Clove Oatmeal Soap


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