Bath Bomb Testing

I tested a few different varieties of recipes for bath bombs, I am still using waterless recipes and I think I’ll stick with that. I am adding in clays and flowers and testing scents.

Bergamot Calendula Flower Bomb… I am in love, I will be making many more of these with French green and kaolin clay’s,  whole Calendula flowers, jojoba and coconut oil plus a drop of vitamin E.

I have made but have yet to test..

Eucalyptus Lavender Flower Bomb– It has Lavender Flowers, eucalyptus leaf, kaolin clay, jojoba plus a drop of tea tree and vitamin E.

Rose Geranium Milk and Honey Bomb –  This one I will need to spend some time working out the recipe, in regards to everything, I used avocado and coconut oils. I lament I have no rose petals for my tester.


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