Oil Infusions

About a month ago I started some oil infusions. The first one was mixed hot pepper with some dried hot peppers my friend grew. It turned out to be a sort of light red color after about three weeks and I’ve made taco’s a couple of times and used it in the meat, I also hand breaded some chicken strips and I made a buffalo sauce dip with it as well as added it to the breading.

I have a jar with Vanilla bean also, and another with clove. They are  destined for lip balm and body butter.

The vanilla is amazingly strong. I haven’t opened the clove yet. I’m excited even though I want to wait at least another week before making anything. Maybe also some blueberry muffins with vanilla oil.


Earl Grey Lip Balm Recipe



I got woken up way too early by a bored boyfriend but at least he brought me coffee with whipped cream and cinnamon, he’s good for that sort of thing. It motivated me to get up and make some Earl Grey lip balm since I’ve been in love with bergamot this past week. Here’s the recipe I used.

1 part beeswax

1 part coconut oil

1 part shea butter

a quarter part sunflower seed oil (preferably infused with black tea)

Bergamot essential oil  for scent (if 1 part is 1 oz then use roughly 20 drops)

Vitamin E (if 1 part is 1 oz then use 1-2 drops)