Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera Hair Wash

I’ve been avoiding shampoo alternative recipes because everyone seems to have a story about their long and arduous journey to find what works for them. It seems to be the common theme among blogs I have visited. Maybe I’ll have better luck I am telling myself…

After some reading I have decided I do not want to even try baking soda in my hair due to the possible damage it causes so there is one off of my list. I just got a bottle of Aloe Vera so I started with this recipe. 


I added a little bit of jojoba oil and vitamin e. (too much in hindsight)

I mixed this up per the recipe, poured into ice cube tray to freeze, I refrigerated half the remainder and massaged the other half into my hair and took a relaxing bath where I  enjoyed my last bath bomb. It may be my skin overproducing oil or it might be that I made the mistake of rinsing my hair with cool water, I’m not loving it today because my hair is oily, but despite that my hair is clean and feels nice. I’ll give it a fair chance before I give up on it. 

One thought on “Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera Hair Wash”

  1. maybe it was the jojoba oil. coconut milk already contains it’s natural oil and then come add addition Essential Oils. That’s a wallop of oils right there. I added Red Mill Baking soda/tblsp & Dr. Bronner’s liquid castille soap. Lavender & tea tree. Not greasy but conditioned as if I had already added whatever extra oil I would had I normally not included any oils in my shampoo. My hair is dry.

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